Second surgery

Unfortunatly the abutment and the abutment screw had to be replaced after the inital one was damaged. Rickard and myself operated again 6 weeks ago and Mia survived the surgery. A new abutment and abutment screw were placed and the design of the exo prosthetic was changed so it could handle the forces better and cause less stress on the implant.

She is happy about her new set-up and seems to enjoy life :)


6 months post-op

It has been over 6 months and she is still fine! The skin at the penetration site is dry and clean, she is bearing weight on it and walks just like other vultures do. It’s still one of the best things I have ever experienced, seeing her from being painful and miserable improve to a happy bird! Eating, flying around, scratching herself with the prosthetic. That is all I ever wished for, coming true.

Surgery of bearded vulture Mia

Rickard Brånemark, Oskar Azsmann and I operated on the bearded vulture MIA today. The surgery went really well and Mia woke up nicely from her Anesthesia. She is now being transported back to her cage at the Eulen und Greifvogelstation Haringsee. Hopefully, the skin and the bone will heal nicely, so she can walk again in a few weeks from now.