Sarah Hochgeschurz (Project Leader)

I started working with birds early in my veterinary career and it really became my passion to work with those special animals. Mia was the first bearded vulture that we operated on May 2018. She was the first bird with an osseointegrated prosthesis. Since the operation, her quality of life improved enormously. All her toes got strangulated when she was still a chick, so the surgery was her only option to save her life.

In bird conservation, we face many issues, especially when injuries occur and money is limited. Since for small populations every individual counts, the use of prosthetics to help a single bird is worth considering and doing.

Hopefully, we'll help many other birds in the future.


Rickard Brånemark, a great mentor! He will help with the surgical procedures and train me. While he is one of the most experienced surgeons when it comes to osseointegration, he has helped over 400 human amputees.

Screenshot_2018-10-14 Rickard Brånemark - Göteborgs universitet.png

Rene Roggenhofer and Hans Oppel, they will help with the development and the production of the external prosthetic.


Attilio Rocchi, Anesthesiologist. The best avian anesthesiologist I know, with years of experience! Glad to have him on board for this challenging project.